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Bible Center Church
Get a Bible App
  • Install the App
  • Install Logos

    Install Logos to read the Bible for free on your PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet.

    Complete the steps below if you also want to follow along during sermons.

  • Follow Sermons
  • Open the Menu

    When you are at church, start Logos and select the menu icon (three lines) at the bottom right of the screen.


    Select Church Presentations

    Scroll down to Community, then select the Church Presentations option.


    Turn on Follow Options

    Turn on the options Follow and Ask to Follow Nearby Presentations. When a presentation is active, you will see Bible Center listed.


    Go Back

    Select Back to return to the previous screen.


    Select Done

    Select Done to return to the Logos main screen.


    Wait for Signal

    When you see the signal icon at the bottom left of the screen, select it and Logos will display that verse.