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Our goal and practice is to start new churches locally, such as within our parish, and internationally through Missions. Scroll for available videos. We also have an Evangelism series.

Sun, Mar 08 2015
Mission Month 2015 - Passing the Baton

Missions Month 2015 - Fellowship International Mission (with Music)

Missions Month 2015 - "In You All Nations Will be Blessed"

Missions Month 2015 - 8 Trends in Missions

Sun, Mar 01 2015
Missions Month 2015 - Preparing to Start Churches Where People Live

Missions Month 2015 - Crescent City Community Church

Sun, Feb 15 2015
Church in Perspective Part 2 - Is Doctrine Important?

Sun, Feb 08 2015
Church in Perspective Part 1 - What if you moved?

Sun, Feb 01 2015
Participants in the Great Commission - Matthew 28:18-20

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