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This is a collection of various sermons from the Family 101 series in 2018, Passing the Legacy in 2020, Parenting for God in 2021, and individual messages from Colossians, Matthew and Proverbs.

Sun, Feb 12 2023
Your 2nd Most Important Decision

God designed marriage and He desires Godly children.

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Sun, Sep 19 2021
Parenting: After the Storm

Encouragement to parents helping children deal with the trauma of Hurricane Ida.

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Sun, Aug 22 2021
Parenting: High School

Teach them to honor and save their life!

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Sun, Aug 15 2021
Parenting: Middle School

Learn to disciple middle school students.

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Sun, Aug 08 2021
Parenting: Pre-School

We can learn from Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus during His preschool years.

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Sun, Mar 07 2021
Matthew: Which is Righteous, Marriage or Divorce?

Following Deuteronomy 24 on how to divorce your wife does not mean that you are a righteous person.

Sun, Oct 18 2020
Passing the Legacy: Teenagers

Learn how to teach Christian values to your teen from God's Word, not so they will act like a Christian, but will be a Christian.

Sun, Oct 11 2020
Passing the Legacy: Prepare for Old Age

Growing old is a good thing, a sign of God's blessing, and something we need to prepare our children to attain and enjoy.

Sun, Oct 04 2020
Passing the Legacy: Teach Holy Living

God’s way of living is holy because God is Holy.

Sun, Sep 27 2020
Passing the Legacy: Teach Obedience

Get your child to obey ... the first time.

Sun, Sep 13 2020
Passing the Legacy: Lead them to Christ

When you love someone you want the best for them. Christian parents want their children to be saved. How do we bring them to Christ?

Sun, Sep 06 2020
Passing the Legacy: The Three Rs

We are not under the Old Testament Law, but we can learn from it, and train our children in the Scriptures to prepare them for Salvation.

Sun, Aug 30 2020
Passing the Legacy: Dependence on God

Children are a blessing that can continue for generations.

Sun, Aug 23 2020
Passing the Legacy: Foundation of Family

God has a plan for marriage and a set of objectives that He wants to accomplish.

Sun, Aug 16 2020
Passing the Legacy: Introduction

God has given His objectives for our children in His Word.

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