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These short videos highlight key points from longer ones. Below each video, you can select "Read More" to watch the full-length version.

Start with our salvation clip.

Sun, Nov 29 2020
Trailer for Understanding Jesus' World

To understand Jesus and what He said, we must study what those who read Matthew's Gospel knew.

Sun, Nov 22 2020
Trailer for Thankfulness Avoids Disaster

Building thankfulness into our lives keeps us from going down the dark path away from God and His ways into the depths of despair and sin.

Sun, Sep 06 2020
Trailer for Passing the Legacy

God has given His objectives for our children in His Word.

Sun, May 10 2020
Trailer for A Tale of Two Mothers

Sun, Apr 12 2020
Trailer for Easter 2020 - Do You Walk or Stumble?

Sun, Jan 19 2020
Trailer for You Can Understand Leviticus

Sun, Oct 02 2016
Trailer for What to look for in a President

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