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The Story is a chronological abridged Bible that reads like a novel. It helps us engage God’s Word more easily and understand it more fully. During 2020, we covered the Old Testament.

Sun, Aug 09 2020
God's Last Word

400 years before the coming of Jesus, God through Malachi gave Israel His final word. This word was true until the first coming of Christ and still applies to those of us who await His second coming.

Sun, Aug 02 2020
For Such a Time as This

God has put us where we are as Esther 4:13-14 says, "For Such a Time As This".

Sun, Jul 26 2020
When your best seems like nothing

Sun, Jul 19 2020
Living for Christ in a post-Christian America

Daniel lived his life in a land where God was not revered and where he was constantly pressured to conform to the culture around him.

Sun, Jul 12 2020
Why Nations Fall

Two reasons why the nations of Israel and Judah fell to their enemies.

Sun, Jul 05 2020
Forerunner of the Coming King

The forerunner comes in the Spirit and Power of Elijah.

Sun, Jun 28 2020
Fear or Faith

In response to God's Word, which do you chose, Fear or Faith?

Sun, Jun 21 2020
Fathers Don't Retreat, They Charge

A Father's Day message.

Sun, Jun 14 2020
God's Covenant with King David

Sun, May 31 2020
What Do You See When You See a Young Person?

Sun, May 24 2020
What God Wants more than Worship

Sun, May 17 2020
The Faith of a Foreign Woman

Sun, May 10 2020
A Tale of Two Mothers

A Mother's Day message.

Sun, May 03 2020
The Wrong Question

Sun, Apr 26 2020
Warnings from the Fallen about Enduring

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