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The Beatitudes
A Devotional

The Beatitudes from Matthew teach us how to be blessed by God. The answer is opposite of what most people think.

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Sun, Jan 31 2021
Have a Blessed Day!

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount highlights eight bad situations which bring God’s blessing.

Sun, Jul 12 2020

Rejoice if you are persecuted for doing the right thing!

Sun, Jul 05 2020

How can we make peace between others?

Sun, Jun 28 2020
Pure in Heart

What can make a wicked heart pure?

Sun, Jun 21 2020

Being hurt by others provides an opportunity for mercy.

Sun, Jun 14 2020

Why crave the things that will never satisfy?

Sun, Jun 07 2020

Meek isn't weak.  It is the strength of gentleness.

Sun, May 31 2020

There's something wonderful about experiencing sorrow.

Sun, May 24 2020
Poor in Spirit

The poor in spirit are so much better off than those certain of their own righteousness.

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