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The Gospel of Matthew

Our Gospel of Matthew series is called “Living for the Coming King”. Matthew teaches us Jesus is the King, why His kingdom hasn't come yet, and how we are to live for Christ until He returns. Matthew is also the basis for our devotional on The Beatitudes.

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Sun, Apr 11 2021
Matthew 6:1-18 - Showboat Religion

Is it possible to fall out of favor with God by helping needy people? Jesus warns His disciples of this very thing that could cost them the favor of the Father in heaven.

Sun, Apr 04 2021
Matthew 5:43-48 - Children of the Father

Jesus challenges His followers to pray for their enemies that the Father will show them His goodness.

Sun, Mar 21 2021
Matthew 5:38-42 - Should you respond in kind?

Instead of retaliating, we should be gracious when others offend or harm us.

Sun, Mar 14 2021
Matthew 5:33-37 - Do you always tell the truth?

Jesus raises the bar to perfection by eliminating false swearing and teaching His disciples to be known as people who tell the truth.

Sun, Mar 07 2021
Matthew 5:31-32 - Which is Righteous, Marriage or Divorce?

Following Deuteronomy 24 on how to divorce your wife does not mean that you are a righteous person.

Sun, Feb 28 2021
Matthew 5:27-30 - Are lustful people righteous?

As Jesus fleshes out His thesis of “greater righteousness”, He points us to the fulfillment of the Law against adultery.

Sun, Feb 21 2021
Matthew 5:20-26 - Mad to Hell

Jesus points us beyond not murdering to God's greater righteousness ... reconciliation.

Sun, Feb 14 2021
Matthew 5:17-20 - How good do you have to be?

Those who lower the bar for entrance into the Kingdom are fooling themselves.

Sun, Feb 07 2021
Matthew 5:13-16 - Why Do Good Deeds?

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount teaches us why we as salt and light should do good works.

Sun, Jan 31 2021
Matthew 5:1-12 - Have a Blessed Day!

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount highlights eight bad situations which bring the blessing of God.

Sun, Jan 24 2021
Matthew 4:12-25 - What Did Jesus Do?

An overview of what Jesus did in His ministry and three ways this should guide our life and service.

Sun, Jan 03 2021
Matthew 4:1-11 - Overcome the Tempter

Disciples can learn from the teacher how to overcome temptation through the Word of God.

Sun, Dec 27 2020
Matthew 3 - Are You Ready for His Coming?

With all that happened in 2020, many have begun to anticipate the return of the Lord Jesus.

Sun, Dec 20 2020
Matthew 2 - Are you losing your fight with God?

Herod tried to fight God with predictable results. He is an example of how not to respond to God's choice.

Sun, Dec 13 2020
Matthew 1:18-25 - Did Joseph make the righteous choice?

Mary's pregnancy posed a dilemma for her husband Joseph; did he make the righteous choice?

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