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Wed, Jul 10 2013
Is the Coming Kingdom Important?

A lot of people can't be bothered with prophecy. As one person put it they are "Pan-milliennialist" ... they think it will all "pan out" in the end. Whether or not you are Pre-, Post- or A- millennial does have an impact on how you see the Church and our mission today!

Think how important this was to the Apostles. Acts begins in chapter 1 with teaching on the Kingdom and concludes in chapter 28 that teaching on this subject was so important that Paul did in while under house arrest in Rome. The coming Kingdom and its King are a big deal!

Maybe the timing of all this is not as important as the reality of it in our lives today (as believers), or as the inevitability of suffering along our way to the kingdom, or as the certainty of judgment upon those who are not living an obedient lifestyle now.

I believe that Revelation 19 & 20 teach the destruction of the kingdom of this World at the Second Coming of Christ, the events of the Millennium, including a Final Rebellion, and what will happen after the Thousand Years including the Final Judgment with those still in "unbelief" being cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity.

I find it hard to reasonably interpret the Scriptures as written and come to any other conclusion. Does that mean I hate those who have yet to come to this conclusion? No, but I am concerned that they are falling into the same error that I constantly have to guard against ... interpreting the Bible so it says what I want it to say, instead of reading what it actually says.

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